RJ Meeit's Team

Fahim Akhtar


“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it”, By profession Fahim is a deployment Engineer but by passion I am Stylist, I look after the styling and dressing of RJ Meeit according to the type, budget as well as the aura of the events, Either to wear a tie or bow, a simple jeans or narrow everything from head to toe. Every little thing is examined, designed, tailored specially to make your event look good, not only ourselves. Not only in the events, rather I also look after RJ Meeit’s dressing style in his contemporary life like how to style for meetings, corporate picnics and his family meetings. RJ Meeit has the perfect structure to experiment with his dressing style.

Rikunj Patel


Meet Mr.Rikunj Patel an amateur photographer, He finds everything beautiful when he has Camera in Hands, but it gets totally reversed when you held Book in his hand, A college going student(as per his parents, ;-) Rikunj looks after capturing all the moments specially for RJ Meeit, He captures RJ Meeit’s snaps for Promotions, Marketing, Displaying in client’s meeting and also for changing his social media's profile pictures. Jokes apart, Rikunj is dedicatedly working for RJ Meeit for more then 5 years and has never disappointed him till date. Even the managers of Celebrities has appreciated his photographic skills and demanded there pictures from him.

Jay Bardia

Content Writer

“You might get attracted by the photographs on the website but the keywords by which you landed this site is all the magic of perfect contents”, By profession Jay is a Web Developer but he seeks keen interest in writing poems, one-liners, articles/blogs and professional content , He has his own personalized blog where he regularly shares his ideas on humans and there lifestyle.

Shalini Bansal

Nutrition Therapist

Mrs. Shalini Bansal makes RJ Meeit fit, fine, healthy and energetic. She looks after his diet plans, routine exercises as well as gym training, She also runs a renowned wellness company known as EATWISE where she offers peoples a customized diet and fitness exercises specially for them.